Writing as an out

I’ve mentioned the topic before, but I’ll remind you, I don’t want to, nor am I interested in having children. While I’m not saying any adult ever needs an excuse to get out of things, kids seem like a pretty easy one – and a reason I would immediately accept without a further question or thought (*mostly because I do not have a child and have no idea what is involved in raising them). As I’m not going to be a parent, I lack almost any reason not to be at a specific place, at a certain time.

Enter, writing.

Anyone who knows me, is acquainted with me, or has talked to me for more than 5 minutes, knows that I am an author. Writing is part of me that happens daily. Even if I am not actively working on a book, I am editing one, or, at the very least, marketing five.

So, I love the my group of friends completely accepts that my ‘get out of jail free card’ is exactly that – writing. And anything can fall under this category – editing, research, reading a book on my topic.

Unfortunately, my husband does not buy this as an excuse for normal household duties. Nor do I look this cute taking the trash out.
The best part is? They accept it / me.

At the end of the day, I am a lucky girl. Of course, maybe they go home and talk/criticize/gossip and most of the time ‘writing’ = ‘goofing off on the internet,’ but at the same time, I usually stick to what I say I’m doing. As far as I’m concerned, writing IS something I need to / want to do on a daily basis. I’m really not lying or making excuses. (This all ties into a blog post which got eaten awhile back which focused on the author as introvert / shut in – which I may still revisit).

(Apologies for the amount of ‘/’ in this post).

What say you? Is writing your excuse to get out of things? Have you ever used it as something similar before?

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