When moving, don’t forget…

This is the third country move for Hubs and I. While we essentially moved the difference of a 1 hour plane flight, being without all of our worldly possessions for 2-3 weeks is a bit of an inconvenience. In an attempt to potentially make the next move easier, here is a list of what I’ve found helpful to have on hand. (FYI – we are staying a small, furnished 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom apartment while sorting out the lease for our new place).

1. A towel (yes, Hitchhiker’s Guide was correct – NEVER leave home without one, in fact, having dish towels has also proven helpful). In addition to drying off after a shower, the towel has been used for: a bathmat, a makeshift blanket, and a liner for the cat in her kennel.

2. A power strip, helpful when charging essential electronic goods.

3. Boxes of kleenex (a helpful household item that is ubiquitous in the Middle East, we have one in all rooms and the car). Uses have included: blowing ones nose, napkin, paper towel, toilet paper.

4. Deck of cards. Never be bored again. Hubs and I have a 10 year rummy game that has been added to this week.

5. A good show to watch. Or a long book to read. There will be downtime. In my case – lots of it. While I’ve been busy editing a book, working on short stories and exercising, I’ve also enjoyed catching up on some of my shows (thank goodness the new Sherlock has been released).

6. Patience (I never have enough).

7. A sense of humor. Because if making dinner out of an airfyer for over a week straight isn’t funny, I don’t know what is.

8. Optimism (another thing I always run out of).

So, what can’t you live without? Anything that’s made your move easier?

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