When I see super negative reviews…

This applies to both my work and the work of others. As I’ve mentioned before, I will leave reviews on this blog, but will not give anything less than 4 stars on either Amazon or Goodreads. In fact, I really hate assigning anything out of 5 stars and would much prefer a 10 point system. I digress. As of this morning, I received my first 1 star review (which I knew would only be a matter of time). I shall forever wear “Simplistic and dull. DNF” as a badge of honor.

It’s interesting the variety and type of reader that exist on Amazon and Goodreads. My average on Amazon is 4.2 out of 5, while my Goodreads average is 3.57 (and that 1 star average is certainly not helping).

Meh, there is no universal book or novel that will resonate with everyone and there will always be people that feel the need to leave 1 star reviews. Onwards and upwards.

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