What does an author get herself for Christmas?

I’m a lucky girl.  With two incomes and no kids, life is pretty easy for me and Hubs.  I can afford things I might not otherwise be able to if I had a mortgage or student loans or a bad credit history.  Trip to the Maldives for Christmas, what?

So, with a decent amount of discretionary funds, what do I choose to splash out on?

Strangely, when it comes to my writing and / or my previously published books, I’m kind of a Grinch.  I think it relates to me believing I still haven’t ‘earned’ the right to call myself an author and spend money on this crazy hobby of mine.   This year, I’m splashing out on my usual gift, that is, paying for ads on facebook to try and build my audience for the Courtney Brandt set of novels.  Additionally, I’ve put down the funds to get a ‘real cover’ for one of my WIPs (work starting Q1, 2013).  This is probably the extent of what I’ll do for myself (other than travel, but that’s not specifically ‘writer’ oriented).

However, I think if money truly was no option I would get the following:

An all expense paid trip to Socotra (research)

An all expense paid trip to Venice (research)

An all expense paid trip to Cape Verde (research)

Buyers of my books (I’m not sure how I would get them, but any readers would do)

Pay for someone to edit 2 of my manuscripts (comprehensive editing is usually by the word, and, let’s just say, would cost a lot of money)

A set of awesome journals to keep all my thoughts feels in

Loads of books

A desk to write upon (rather than sitting on the couch like I usually do)

A night at a variety of posh hotels in Los Angeles (research)

You know, the usual.

What’s on your list this year?

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