Translation, 0.

I don’t know whether to feel incredibly stupid or just, ‘Meh, life lesson.’ So, for my annual Christmas present, I spend money to advertise my books. In the past, it’s been on facebook – mostly for my marching band series (or promoting the latest release). This year, I decided to put my holiday funds towards marketing with A Luxury Travel Blog. I had options of tweeting or an interview, but the lure of 295,000+ twitter followers pretty much made the decision for me. Also, a bunch of people I follow, follow ALTB, so it also helped me make my choice.

I researched best times to post on Twitter and waited until the weekend after Thanksgiving. My post went up right as scheduled. Unsurprisingly, I had only one RT and as of yesterday ZERO sales. An additional tweet went up Sunday, and there will be a final one later this week. And…no adds on Goodreads or Shelfari. With the second tweet, I yielded 2 sales.

While not many people can write off a $100+ mistake, I guess…yeah, I’m super disappointed. Maybe it will pay off somewhere down the road, but for now, I can’t help but being bummed.

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