Some thoughts on a value proposition.

just recently discovered a website that’s really speaking to me.  One of the best things about the internet, besides its endless depth for procrastination, is there is always something new to discover.  Finding website that inspire or motivate me is something really fantastic.  Additionally, even though I’m ‘just an author’ and not my own brand, I think the above incomplete mission statement / value proposition is one I should take seriously.

As I finally move forward, why should someone invest in a Ann Benjamin novel?  What makes me different than any other self published author?  And going forward, how should I build an audience?  I’ve had some success in the YA market, but not nearly the levels I would’ve liked.  While my 5th book did (and still does) well (by my standards!), why wasn’t I able to transcend and take readers to my last and final book?  Truly successful authors are those where fans would buy the book cover or topic unseen.  There are a few on my list – names that I would be happy to get any single book in their catalogue.  I know that takes time, but as I’m about to embark on another cycle of building up a name and reputation, I have to wonder if I more clearly defined above, how much more success would I have?

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