Rather than give up – attacking from the outside.

Given the post from a few days ago rather, ahem, defeatist – I think the solution resides in getting to know my protagonist a bit better.  Ananke St Clare Worthington has been a difficult girl to get to know.  She’s got more pressure on her than almost any other character I’ve written and something doesn’t seem to be clicking between ‘us.’  There are all sort of memes and questionnaires out there for character development, but this one seems to be a good place to start.  (And for the record, I’ll be answering as my main character).

TL;DR – a lot of questions about one of my main characters for an unpublished book.  I’ll probably do a few more of these posts just to work through the kinks.

What is your worst fear? And your second worst? (Likely to be part of the conflict and tension.)

Losing Nick.  Not living up to my mother’s potential.

What would you most like people to know about you? (What do you want readers to know about you? What do you want story characters to know about you?)

I am not a goddess, nor divine – unlike my mother and her extended side of my family, I do not have any special powers, nor control over anything that happens, except my own decisions.  This answer applies to both reader and other characters in the story.  There seems to be a lot of undue pressure put upon me simply by being born.

What would you most like to hide? (Every hero has a flaw.)

I wish things were easier – putting on the brave face day after day can get very old.  Sometimes, I wish my mother had not made the choice to bring my father back to life.  That sounds terrible, doesn’t it?  To wish your own father out of existence?  But the reality is that things would be so much easier if he had just died that day in Socotra.  The problem of course being that I love my father dearly.  I understand why he made the choices he did, but that’s another thing I won’t be up front about – that my family brought forward the end of the world, the death of billions.

What would you most like to change about your life? (Could be part of the conflict and motivation; could be sub-plot.)  And how does that affect your current behavior?

Did you read above?  See above.  Basically everything.  I look at the world I just got a glimpse of and all that could have been…  I think all of the qualities I’ve listed make me a proud person who isn’t looking for a handout.  In fact, I’ll never accept things are easy, because…they aren’t.  How does that affect me?  I’m nearly of incapable of trusting anyone outside of my immediate family unit.  I’m a pessimist.  I’m not someone who’s easy to be around.

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