First notes!

So, I sent the manuscript through to the recommended editing service my author friend used. I requested a sample, they responded (quickly) and marked up the first 1,000 words. Even better, they turned my request around very quickly. I came home from work to receive the following:

I have tried to keep this extract as ‘active’ as possible. I have changed some of the wording so the reader stays in the present and feels as though they are walking through the hotel.

Struggling w/editing.

Have I mentioned this before?  Maybe…  Probably.  So, here’s my next struggle.  I’ve never had some professionally edit my work.  I never considered it with my YA series.  It’s not to say that I wouldn’t have benefited from this service, it just never happened.  But now, I don’t know.  I think it’s part of a much bigger struggle and this is it:  in the past, with a limited investment of money, I always figured, ‘meh – writing is an inexpensive hobby.  

Messing around with movie trailers…

I’ll be honest.  I have never once bought a book based on a book trailer.  The things that usually convince me to buy a book are 1) price 2) book description and 3) reviews.  I rarely pay attention to ranking or anything about the author.  That being said, I think it would be a wasted opportunity NOT to make a book trailer.  Maybe someone will watch it. 

Quentin Tarantino ar putea regiza viitorul film Star Trek

Cineastul a avut o idee atât de bună de scenariu, încât J.J. Abrams l-a cooptat în echipă
Regizorul lui Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds şi The Hateful Eight ar putea trece la cârma Star Trek. Potrivit, acesta a propus o idee originală pentru următorul film al seriei şi a fost astfel cooptat în echipa de scenarişti strânsă pentru a o adapta.

Quentin Tarantino are astfel şansa de a aduce un suflu nou celebrei serii SF. El va lucra îndeaproape cu J. J. Abrams, ce va ocupa rolul de producător. Seriile pot fii vizionate online pe
Cineastul lucrează acum şi la propriul proiect, un film centrat pe crimele familiei Mason, din 1969, de distribuţia căruia se va ocupa Sony Pictures.

Pelicula, a cărei dată de lansare a fost stabilită pentru 9 august, 2019, va marca 50 de ani de la moartea violentă a actriţei Sharon Tate. Distribuţia nu este încă bătută în cuie – sunt vizaţi pentru rolurile centrale: Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt şi Tom Cruise.

Va fi primul film pe care Tarantino îl va realiza fără colaborarea lui Harvey Weinstein, exclus din The Weinstein Company şi marginalizat de întreaga comunitate de film în urma acuzaţiilor de hărţuire sexuală.

Some thoughts on a value proposition.

just recently discovered a website that’s really speaking to me.  One of the best things about the internet, besides its endless depth for procrastination, is there is always something new to discover.  Finding website that inspire or motivate me is something really fantastic.  Additionally, even though I’m ‘just an author’ and not my own brand, I think the above incomplete mission statement / value proposition is one I should take seriously.

I love Google

Google is and does many things.  I recently discovered Google Hotel Finder, which is kind of perfect for trying to place a fictional hotel.  Obviously, Google Maps would have accomplished the same thing – but now that I’ve discovered Google Hotel Finder, I’ve found it very useful.  Although I was aware of The Winchester’s “competition,” this map better illustrates exactly who my hotel is up against.  Being familiar with a specific section of Beverly Hills made the search even more helpful, but I thought I would share below.

The saga of the cover that has still not happened…

With a friend’s brilliant book cover done last fall, I felt confident about contracting the same artist to complete my upcoming book cover for Room 702. Unfortunately, like many of my previous covers, the timeline I have in my head and the actual timeline are two completely and radically different things.

Book Review: Parasol Protectorate Series

Have you heard of these books by Gail Carriger?  No.  Well, you should.   It’s one of the rare times I would say, ‘Do you like reading?’ If yes, then stop right there – this series is for you!

As I usually crap on other books I read, I thought I would be positive and put some words forward for a series I just devoured finished.

How My Brain Works.

I saw this link appear on my Tumblr and was immediately smitten (see picture below).  And then I started thinking…  One of the problems of not outlining my manuscripts is that I am quite open to suggestion from the outside world.  Hence, this gorgeous sword hilt (credit to original use of photo is in the above link)…

Rather than give up – attacking from the outside.

Given the post from a few days ago rather, ahem, defeatist – I think the solution resides in getting to know my protagonist a bit better.  Ananke St Clare Worthington has been a difficult girl to get to know.  She’s got more pressure on her than almost any other character I’ve written and something doesn’t seem to be clicking between ‘us.’  There are all sort of memes and questionnaires out there for character development, but this one seems to be a good place to start.  (And for the record, I’ll be answering as my main character).