2 is better than 1.

So, by the numbers, here’s what I did yesterday:

  • Contact 5+ industry related websites/blogs for potential book review
  • Contact personal / professional reference for book review
  • Finish press release


Holding at 1.

So, by the numbers, here’s roughly what I did yesterday:

  • Pin book details on personal book related Pinterest board (Nook)
  • Contact 5+ industry related websites/blogs for potential book review
  • Contact personal / professional reference for book review


1 down, 9,999 to go!

In an attempt to repeat any future successes I might will have, I think there’s some value in reporting what I’ve done on a day by day basis to promote Room 702.  This book was (sadly) always intended as something to start an audience for a much bigger project I hope to launch in the next 1-2 years.  Room 702 is a place to learn again.  although I am essentially starting from scratch, I have to start somewhere.

In which I stop being precious and start publishing.

So, this is not my first rodeo.  Room 702 marks the seventh book I’ve published.  And yet…I was very hesitant to let this one go.  So much so that I still am being weirdly protective and haven’t let my greater community of friends (aka facebook) know of its arrival into the world.

Notes back!

So, I was waiting in fear/trepidation/sense of needing to finish Room 702 and also hoping the notes arrived sooner rather than later.  With Hubs away from Wednesday – Tuesday, even though they weren’t due, I knew the days would be a great opportunity to get a jump on the final edit.  Imagine my elation when the manuscript showed up edited in my inbox this afternoon.  With a deep breath I opened the file and was happy to read the following comment:

A source of pride.

Being a self-published author sometimes has big perks. While I know many traditionally published authors are awesome and regularly interact with their fanbase, from those I’ve contacted I’ve never had a response. Cut to, little old me. A year ago In late 2011, a young woman contacted me to see if I could give her any advice about publishing a book about marching band.

For someone who fell in love with reading at an early age…

I think reading is imperative to writing.  I feel quite fortunate to have fallen in love with the activity so young.  When I saw these images as a photoset, the photos triggered happy memories in me.  Put some glasses on the girl above and you’d be looking at me.  (No, my parents were awesome and no, I could not move things with my mind).  Still, the thought of being whisked away to some place new always (and still does) appealed to me.

Loss of a pet.

As an author, I’m sure you won’t be entirely surprised to find I write through things sometimes.

Yesterday was incredibly difficult. I lost one of my best friends – my cat of 11 years, Brendan Small.

Read more after the jump to learn about my special man.

I only have words and they are not enough.

It was the summer of 2002. We moved to Los Angeles and after getting my first ‘real’ job, I thought it would be sad if Nubbins would be home by herself all day. On a warm day in June, we drove to three different places looking for a pet adoption.

Unexpected, but welcome news.

It’s been awhile since I mentioned my YA work, mostly because I’m trying to let it go not an easy process.  However, I was pulled back in yesterday with an e-mail from the producer I had met with in New York last September.  Of course I was optimistic when we met, but not having heard from her, I assumed the network/production company/whoever had passed on my project and that was that – something I completely anticipated and was okay with.

First notes!

So, I sent the manuscript through to the recommended editing service my author friend used. I requested a sample, they responded (quickly) and marked up the first 1,000 words. Even better, they turned my request around very quickly. I came home from work to receive the following:

I have tried to keep this extract as ‘active’ as possible. I have changed some of the wording so the reader stays in the present and feels as though they are walking through the hotel.