Messing around with movie trailers…

I’ll be honest.  I have never once bought a book based on a book trailer.  The things that usually convince me to buy a book are 1) price 2) book description and 3) reviews.  I rarely pay attention to ranking or anything about the author.  That being said, I think it would be a wasted opportunity NOT to make a book trailer.  Maybe someone will watch it. 

Maybe it will convince them to buy my book.  Maybe they’ll decide the book isn’t for them.  Either way, it’s not a large investment of time evening of procrastination.  With my cover nearing it’s final version, I had a mess around and came up with the following:

Follow the link to Vimeo for :59 seconds dedicated to Room 702.

I’ve seen a variety of trailers and, unless I had some clever social media viral video in the making insight, don’t believe it’s worth shopping out the work when iMovie or any number of free video software options exist.

Sorry for not posting the video directly (WordPress, adding video is not worth $60 USD a year).

Have you ever watched a book trailer?  Did it sway you either way?

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