Lesson learned.

Research before you commit to anything! Given I’ve had a few weeks off and nothing to do, I wanted to get some of books that were not in print available as paperbacks (via CreateSpace). I actually have no sound business case for doing this, but I did somehow manage to sell more physical copies of my books in December than some of my digital copies…so maybe print isn’t dead?

Either way, as I have zero patience for formatting and the gentleman who formatted my manuscripts for digital release was available to format two books for print at a reasonable price, I contacted him and sent the funds through. The first book was uploaded and when I arrived at the pricing page, I was happy to see that it fit in exactly where I wanted it to ($8.99 – which is identical to the pricing of my other YA books).

Room 702 was not so lucky. In fact, the very cheapest I can list it for is just over $17. Now, I love my book and think it’s wonderful – I just don’t think it’s worth $17.05 (not including shipping). Had I done a modicum of research, I probably would’ve realized this was a silly decision and saved myself the money. Now, I’ve wasted someone’s time and my money for a printed version of my book that I doubt will ever sell a single copy. At least for future books, I’ll know this is not an option.

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