KDP Select, by the numbers for Room 702.

15,439 – number of downloaded books in a 5 day time (significant numbers started in the 3rd – 5th days)

13 – current book sales (post free listing)

2 – additional reviews (one positive, one who really didn’t get the book)

0 – new follows on Twitter

3 – pins showed up on Pinterest

1 – new follow for the facebook page

a lot – number of adds on Goodreads

1 – request for Authograph

10 – number of adds on Shelfari

Given this is the first weekend that people might be actually taking the time to read the book, I’m optimistic for the week ahead.  Overall, I feel proud.  While the number seems a little surreal and I wish it were actual book sales and not just free downloads, I have to take a step back and think of what I accomplished.  My book didn’t have anyone else supporting it but me.  My book wasn’t traditionally published.  This was my first title as Ann Benjamin.  Would I do the same thing again with additional novels?  Hell yes and much earlier in the process.  Room 702 was always meant to be something I learned on, and for its success, I am very grateful.

Now, I’m ready to get back into working on my manuscript which I completely abandoned while all this was going on.

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