KDP – Experiment #3 (and other thoughts on March).

Let’s say the average of my former two free dates via KDP Select was around 1,000 units.  For yesterday’s unannounced and completely non-publicized day, a grand total of 76 units were downloaded.  I guess this is unequivocal and irrefutable proof that publicity DOES pay off and in a big way.  The unfortunate side to this is that publicity comes very easy to the YA books.  I have over 2700 followers on a marching dedicated Tumblr, as well as 230 on my facebook account and it’s what people ‘know’ me as.  Building a platform for my upcoming works is going to be a much more difficult path. 

When you have a book that is designed to appeal to everyone, how do you build a group around it?  where does the interest specifically come from?  Yes, I’m working on the obvious, Twitter, and this blog, and while the Tumblr account does give me hope (nearly 2600 people in a year, all interested in the subject I wrote about), it still seems like an uphill battle at the moment.

Checking those pessimistic thoughts…

Other lessons – it appears as though the combined free books + price drop of the entire series has gone a long way towards increasing sales.  Compared from last year, I’ve seen a rather significant jump in books sold for the month.  However…given the price point was lower across the board, I’m not sure how this change will affect actual money earned.  While I’m not particularly interested in generating revenue from the series, I do have to feel a bit sad for the quartet.  Since the beginning, my series has been a bit of a trial and error project in pricing, formatting and general know how about digital publishing.  I’m hopeful that all the lessons I’ve learned from the past five years will eventually end in my ultimate goal of selling 10,000 copies of my upcoming novel.

Going forward, I’m going to wait until the KDP Select period ends on my first book until I opt the 2nd book in the series to the program (start of May).  Basically, given 5 books x 3 months periods of Amazon only sales adds up to a nice cycle of always having a book in the program and a variety of free projects for download.  As much as I would like to experiment by listing a title for 5 days for free consecutively, I’m not sure how I feel about ‘giving away’ all my free days at once.  I guess another option would be to keep the first book in the series in the program and give it a go all at once, but I think the market is currently over saturated with The Line and don’t believe it would be a good test case.

Decisions, decisions.

Getting there…

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