KDP – additional free days and lessons learned.

So, still definitely a learning process.  There were less books downloaded this time (not by much, 953 compared to nearly 1100 the first time).

Main lessons:

1.  Amazon is not infallible!  I had set the free day for March 4th (an inside joke in the marching band community), and the system failed.  It wasn’t the end of the world, but if I had built up the date in a number of other places, I think I would be more upset.  They DID offer a day free in lieu of the technical error.

2.  Less books downloaded this time around.

3.  Two days in a row does not mean more downloads.

4.  Not sure if I’ve given enough time between free downloads.

5.  Not sure if I’ve saturated the market for this book.

6.  In the future would only promote free day if I found a new ‘source’ to promote.

7.  To date, have generated NO new reviews (positive or negative).

8.  Bringing down the cost of the other books in the series does not necessarily equate to more sales.

9.  My highest rank achieved was #242 in the Kindle free books.  Of course, in an ideal world, I would at least crack the Top 100.

10.  I think for my next free date (April 1st), I’m going to try a technique of literally no publicity whatsoever.  I’m curious to see if anyone will find the book when it is listed for free, but there is no promotion surrounding it.  Basically, I want to know, how much do my efforts add to the numbers?

Some positives:

1.  Overall, response still seems to be good.

2.  It’s 953 people who didn’t have the book before.

3.  I honestly believe giving away the book does lead to additional sales for the other books – to the point that there is very little drop off to those who moved to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th books.

So, with all this in mind, I do plan on getting the next book in the series, A Fine Line, up for free through Kindle Select.  However, going forward, I’m going to try initially offering the book for free over a weekend to start and then tailor the additional remaining days over a longer period.

When it comes time to release a stand alone book, I’ll be curious to see what the numbers are.

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