First notes!

So, I sent the manuscript through to the recommended editing service my author friend used. I requested a sample, they responded (quickly) and marked up the first 1,000 words. Even better, they turned my request around very quickly. I came home from work to receive the following:

I have tried to keep this extract as ‘active’ as possible. I have changed some of the wording so the reader stays in the present and feels as though they are walking through the hotel.

I loved the sample and felt it set up the hotel as a ‘character’. Having stayed in a number of ‘luxury’ hotels (including Shutters in Santa Monica) this description rang very true.

Well, yay. Of course, getting buffed up as an author makes me feel good. In addition, the service can turn the book around in 21 days. That puts me into April, which I am okay with.

So, to spend the money or not? Hubs says ‘yay’ but that’s because Hubs is very supportive and knows a happy Ann is a happy Hubs.

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