Ex-Pat Living: Things I Miss #4

Silence. Quiet. Sounds of nature.

While living in two very developing countries, the sound of construction has been nearly omnipresent. Naturally, our choice to live on one of the busiest roads in the region (Sheikh Zayed) and next to an active building site (which seems to be churning nearly around the clock) could be managed better, but the reality is that nearly any place one moves in this region they will face nearly constant sound pollution. Currently, Tower 23b of the Pearl (ne 14) is trying my patience on an hourly basis.

We have a very generous terrace (only useful 4-6 months of the year because of the heat) but even with it’s fantastic view, it’s difficult to relax when you have to shout over the noise to be heard.

Furthermore, while I’m not working on the site and cannot fully appreciate what the staff are going through, the prompt start at 7AM and day ending at 8 or 9PM, usually later (!), is crazy frustrating.

As I’m already more sensitive to sound than most (thanks 4S / misophonia), the constant banging, hammering, etc. is enough to do my head in.

I look forward to living in a place where car horns, guys shouting, and general construction noises are at least broken for more than 10 hours at a time.

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