Ex-pat living: Things I Miss #2

Oh no, I think I’ve opened a can of something.

Today’s missing item is a selection of radio stations. In Qatar, there is one dedicated English radio channel. It is terrible. How terrible? I’m not sure what is more irritating, the lack of any sort of regular playlist or the college level DJs whose banter and conversation is so bad it’s funny.

The frustrating fact is that crappy radio is not limited to the GCC – in fact, I regularly dial back into Dubai 92 (a station I listened to while living in the Emirates). Yes, we live in an age where you can listen to music or podcasts or books on your smartphone, but once in awhile it’s nice to connect to a personality who can tell you what’s going on in the world or where the traffic is. I understand that Qatar is a very (very, very, very) small market – but does that justify an embarrassingly bad radio station?

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