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The point of returning books is…?

Other than logging into my Amazon, BN and iTunes accounts every day and seeing a big 0 in the sales column which happens regularly so I’m better at dealing with it, the second worst feeling is when people return my books.  Now, I’ve been on a REALLY good streak.  The last month I had a returned book was September.  It’s a small thing, but one fact I am proud of.  Yes, I am appreciative of weird things when it comes to my books.

Cut to: this morning.  I log in as always and find that some intrepid consumer bought one each of my YA books, then returned them.  Net gain of 0.  Day not quite ruined, but certainly the last thing I want to wake up to.  In this instance, I wonder, how did you accidentally buy all of my books and then return them?  A person would have to click the ‘buy book’ option four times, and then go back on their purchase.  And to make things worse, the books in question retail for $0.99.  What’s the point?

Conferences I would like to attend.

In addition to the unlimited budget that I would require for fictional book launches, if I had all the time and money in the world, there are a bunch of workshops and conferences I would like to attend:

  • The Travel Convention
  • Travel Bloggers Unite
  • The Hotel Show
  • ATM Dubai
  • Boutique Hotel Summit
  • World Travel Market
  • Any TED event
  • I’m sure there’s at least 10 more but I don’t feel like researching them right now
  • I’m also fairly certain I should probably have at least one writing conference on this list

Further lessons in patience.

So, I sent out an additional batch of ‘please read and review my book’ e-mails yesterday – no ‘yes’s’ but a few very polite no’s. The no’s aren’t my favorite answer, but I appreciate organizations and individuals that are professional enough to deliver a response (and usually ‘best of luck with your book).

In the meantime…

While I try and wait patiently for reviews to come in, I’m going to try and keep busy by editing my current disaster work in progress, the sequel to my original Fates project.  I’m up to page 132 of 252 in the hand edits and it’s slow going red ink everywhere.  I’m trying to remind myself that this work is also important.  I’m also trying to remind myself that my initial book didn’t take off for awhile.  It didn’t sell thousands of copies ever in the first month.

3 – try and hold me back.

So, by the numbers, here’s what I did yesterday:

  • Contact 3+ industry related websites/blogs for potential book review
  • Worked on GoodReads profile (syncing up account, etc.)


2 is better than 1.

So, by the numbers, here’s what I did yesterday:

  • Contact 5+ industry related websites/blogs for potential book review
  • Contact personal / professional reference for book review
  • Finish press release


Holding at 1.

So, by the numbers, here’s roughly what I did yesterday:

  • Pin book details on personal book related Pinterest board (Nook)
  • Contact 5+ industry related websites/blogs for potential book review
  • Contact personal / professional reference for book review


1 down, 9,999 to go!

In an attempt to repeat any future successes I might will have, I think there’s some value in reporting what I’ve done on a day by day basis to promote Room 702.  This book was (sadly) always intended as something to start an audience for a much bigger project I hope to launch in the next 1-2 years.  Room 702 is a place to learn again.  although I am essentially starting from scratch, I have to start somewhere.

In which I stop being precious and start publishing.

So, this is not my first rodeo.  Room 702 marks the seventh book I’ve published.  And yet…I was very hesitant to let this one go.  So much so that I still am being weirdly protective and haven’t let my greater community of friends (aka facebook) know of its arrival into the world.

Notes back!

So, I was waiting in fear/trepidation/sense of needing to finish Room 702 and also hoping the notes arrived sooner rather than later.  With Hubs away from Wednesday – Tuesday, even though they weren’t due, I knew the days would be a great opportunity to get a jump on the final edit.  Imagine my elation when the manuscript showed up edited in my inbox this afternoon.  With a deep breath I opened the file and was happy to read the following comment: