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KDP – Experiment #3 (and other thoughts on March).

Let’s say the average of my former two free dates via KDP Select was around 1,000 units.  For yesterday’s unannounced and completely non-publicized day, a grand total of 76 units were downloaded.  I guess this is unequivocal and irrefutable proof that publicity DOES pay off and in a big way.  The unfortunate side to this is that publicity comes very easy to the YA books.  I have over 2700 followers on a marching dedicated Tumblr, as well as 230 on my facebook account and it’s what people ‘know’ me as.  Building a platform for my upcoming works is going to be a much more difficult path. 

KDP – additional free days and lessons learned.

So, still definitely a learning process.  There were less books downloaded this time (not by much, 953 compared to nearly 1100 the first time).

Main lessons:

1.  Amazon is not infallible!  I had set the free day for March 4th (an inside joke in the marching band community), and the system failed.  It wasn’t the end of the world, but if I had built up the date in a number of other places, I think I would be more upset.  They DID offer a day free in lieu of the technical error.