Book Review: Stolen Fury by Elisabeth Naughton

I’ve been traveling for a bit – and got a little bit of reading done while I was away.  As with all my free Kindle downloads, I do not have a lot of expectations.  As previously mentioned, I am looking to be entertained for a few hours.  However, when I downloaded Stolen Fury by Elisabeth Naughton in a flurry before my long trip to the States, I remember thinking, ‘Hmm, this looks like something I hope to enjoy.’

While this book puts more emphasis on romance than my Fates project, I still very much enjoyed the story.  More than any book I’ve read recently, I was pleased to see a lot of connection between my story and this one.  Ms. Naughton kept me thoroughly entertained and seamlessly worked romance, history, travel and dynamic characters together.  Thinking of my own manuscript, I feel my book comes up a bit short in comparison.  Stolen Fury has a faster, more intense pace, which I know I am lacking.  At no point during my draft do I feel readers really need to turn the page.  While the more fantastical / supernatural elements of my book might hold some interest, I still don’t feel like there is enough ‘thrill’ in the historical thriller I am trying to create.  I also have no idea how I’m going to fix this.

Given the above observations, Stolen Fury is a book I may go back and revisit (something I do not usually do).  Why would I do this?  While my first book to be published (Room 702) is an easy sell (with a number of storylines, there is something to interest almost every reader), I am aware the Fates project might have a more difficult time finding an audience.  Readers who enjoyed bought Stolen Fury are identical to the audience I would like to attract.  I’ve not made contact or researched the author, but I can see myself looking into what choices she’s made to promote and publicize her work.  Copying someone is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Additionally, Stolen Fury is the first in a trilogy (that I definitely plan on buying the other two books).  While I’ve only scoped a sequel to the Fates project (holding steady at 55K), I also need to consider what it is that compels a reader to maintain interest in myself as a writer and the fictional world I’ve created.

This is one of two covers, the other, on Amazon, is even sexier.

Well done, Ms. Naughton – you’ve got a book I would definitely recommend!

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