Book Review: Rebel Queen

I downloaded this book as research for the third book in my Queen of England series and I’m so glad I did.  Not only have I been introduced to a part of Indian history I had no idea about (thank you Western education), I’m also now aware of a fantastic author whose other books I can’t wait to read.

Rebel Queen tells the story of Queen Lakshmi, a Joan of Arc type figure in Indian history (which I am woefully ignorant of).  The presentation of this amazing TRUE story is a fascinating one and very well told.  That there were women warriors who defended their rami and traveled to seek audience with Queen Victoria is an incredible journey and definitely a story that deserves attention.

Although a fictionalized account, the attention to detail Ms. Moran gives easily brings the audience into the story.  I love the protagonist she chose and would appreciate seeing this as a feature not whitewashed film.

I’ve already downloaded one of Ms. Moran’s other books, Nefertiti, and can’t wait for the history lesson.

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