Book Review: Rebel Mechanics, All is Fair in Love and Revolution

Finally! I’ve been long searching for an exciting YA steampunk novel and at long last have a good one to share. As ongoing research for my Queen series (I’ve just started working on book #2 of the trilogy over the weekend), I was glad to settle down with an inspiring novel.

Author Shanna Swendson imagines an alternate reality where the American Revolution did not happen, and through magic, the British Empire remains strong. Like Gail Carriger, the world building is strong and the supernatural elements quite easy to accept. As I look at my own draft, there are a lot of similarities and plot devices Ms. Swendson does quite well, many that I would like to involve in my own novel. The book is an easy read, balancing a solid cast, romance, steampunk elements and revolution. I have to imagine there will be a sequel and I would definitely pick it up.

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