Book Review: Parasol Protectorate Series

Have you heard of these books by Gail Carriger?  No.  Well, you should.   It’s one of the rare times I would say, ‘Do you like reading?’ If yes, then stop right there – this series is for you!

As I usually crap on other books I read, I thought I would be positive and put some words forward for a series I just devoured finished.

 First of all, I think the books had been somewhere on my radar over the past year.  While I like Victorian / Regency romances, I hadn’t really looked into steampunk as a genre I would enjoy (and especially not one with paranormal elements).  While I’m sure there are some other great books out there, I was very impressed with Ms. Carriger’s nearly seamless ability to:

1.  Develop not only a great protagonist, but also a very well rounded ensemble cast.

2. Be a romance novel without being a romance novel.  The lead characters get together and stay together.  In this sort of period, many novels will not be able to hold the tension of lead characters much past their first ‘interaction.’  Ms. Carriger’s lead pair (among others) have healthy, interesting relationships that go the distance of the five novels.

3. World building / creativity within paranormal aspects.  As audiences, we know werewolves and vampires.  And yet, she makes them completely her own.

Start at the beginning – but get started!

All of these points got another writer friend and I talking about why on earth these books had not yet been optioned as a television/film project.  We both were in complete agreement that any of the characters would be great parts to add to any actors CV.  If I was an actress of a certain age, I wouldn’t even wait – I would actively be searching out these properties and doing whatever was necessary to get them into production.

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