Book Review: Heads in Beds

So, I downloaded this book as research for Room 702 and I’m so glad I did!  While the other hotel books I’ve read (Hotel Babylon – the book, not the terrible BBC series – would be the closest to this one) provided something for my manuscript, I thought Heads in Beds was the most true to life.  While reviewers on Amazon seem to both love and hate the author, I found him to be very entertaining. 

Being a hotelier is not something most people aspire or set out to do.  However, when presented with Mr. Tomsky’s life and decisions, I began to see, well, it could happen to anyone.  And if it did, why not make the most out of it?  In the face of terrible management, why not look after yourself?

Love him or hate him, I appreciated the honesty in which he tackled writing this book.  I also really enjoyed his storytelling style.  Yes, it’s a bit rambling, but it’s also engaging and as a reader, even if this book was out of my usual scope (I never seek out biographies or autobiographies), I was curious to see what happened next.  While I think the Kindle price point ($12.99) is a bit high (I feel a more fair price would be closer to $5.99), if you are in the market for something outside of your usual reading choices, are a regular traveler, or just have an interest in hotels – I would recommend this book.

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