Book Review: Devil in the White City

So, I’m way behind in finally reading this book. Given the act that it was recommended to me by a diverse group (my uncle and sister – demographically very different people), I was excited to start it. I rarely pick up non-fiction, but in this case, I’m very glad I did. Erik Larson lets no detail go unturned in this gripping novel. Prior to starting the book, I personally had little to no awareness of the World’s Fair of 1893 (or one of the most notorious serial killers the US has ever seen), however, given Mr. Larson’s writing style, I was immediately swept into the drama.

In addition to the seamless ability to weave in historical facts, figures and personalities, on a personal level, I enjoyed reading about Frederick Law Olmsted, father of landscape architecture (a subject very important to our household), and had fun reading passages about the subject to Hubs.

Furthermore, this was the first book this year I paid for and felt the price ($9.99 on Kindle) was completely fair and justified. Given the amount of research the author put into the book, I think $9.99 is almost a bargain.

Do yourself a favor and read this book.
Finally, given how much I enjoyed this book – I am also motivated to look into the rest of his catalog and see what other subjects he’s covered. As an author, Erik Larson hit the ball out of the park – he should be proud of a finely crafted novel and now has a new fan!

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