A swift kick from the universe.

I woke up this morning to a foggy day in Doha (these are rare and will probably burn off in a matter of hours, but I digress). Like a kid on Christmas morning, I logged into Amazon to check the sales for my books. Why? Because I equate book sales with personal success and any time I sell a book my mood is instantly lifted. Generally I see a big uptick in books sold between the period of Thanksgiving – New Year’s.

It appears this trend is not going to be the case this year. I could blame a lot of things – I’ve been WAY more lax about marketing this season, I’ve been busy at work, I’ve been spreading myself too thin. The truth is, with six books published, if people wanted to buy my books, they would. No excuses. I still tell myself it’s because my demographic has a difficult time getting their own Amazon accounts and Kindles, but the reality is, I can justify things all I want, the readers aren’t there.

I don’t think I was consciously looking for a ‘now is the right time to work on something else,’ but if I was, I think that moment has arrived.

Of course, maybe next time the universe can be a little more subtle (or y’know, confidence inducing) about its choices.

Onwards 2018!

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