1 down, 9,999 to go!

In an attempt to repeat any future successes I might will have, I think there’s some value in reporting what I’ve done on a day by day basis to promote Room 702.  This book was (sadly) always intended as something to start an audience for a much bigger project I hope to launch in the next 1-2 years.  Room 702 is a place to learn again.  although I am essentially starting from scratch, I have to start somewhere.

So, by the numbers, here’s roughly what I did yesterday:

  • Reach out to select group of friends/family and beg ask for reviews on Amazon
  • Contact my alma mater about including the book in a summer reading release later this year
  • Announce book’s availability on my (unrelated) Tumblr account (5100 followers)
  • Pin book details on personal book related Pinterest board
  • Share book details on Ann Benjamin facebook account (linked to Ann Benjamin twitter feed)
  • Write blog post about how scared I am how successful I will be
  • Contact 4 industry related websites/blogs for potential book review
  • Prep and submit book to Nook (pending)
  • Prep and submit book to iTunes (under review)


  • 1 book sold (thank you EEB!!!)
  • 1 industry response who is interested in reading the book!

Optimistic about tomorrow.

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