Day 30, Blogging Challenge: Hopes for your Blog


Like many things in my life, I am optimistic.  While is not a destination yet for many people (but I sincerely appreciate the followers I do have), I’ve always hoped to gain some success as an author and therefore have this blog be a place to connect with my readers.  Until that day, it is a fun place to collect and share my thoughts.

Additionally, while I have an idea for another blog and some other side projects, the fact that I’ve been faithfully posting to this one since 2011 (!) gives me hope.




Book Review: Supernatural Devices (A Steampunk Scarlett Novel: Book 1)

First, I have an confession.

As a reader, I finish almost every book I start.  I think it’s because I’m an author and I know what it takes to write, edit and put a book out into the world.  I feel like I owe it to any author to finish their book.  At the minimum, I will slide through my Kindle and skip to bits that seem interesting.  It’s super rare that I won’t finish a book.

This is especially the case if I pay for a book, and even more so when I intend to read that book as research for a manuscript.  Guys, I finally hit a book I couldn’t read another page of.  Now, I should have been warned – the reviews weren’t exactly inspiring for Supernatural Devices: A Steampunk Scarlett novel.  For the 20% or so I’ve read of the book, I have yet to run across a single steampunk element, but have met – wait for it – Sherlock Holmes!  Of course he would trust a case to a teenage girl.  Of course he would call her back from her parents in Egypt (unescorted).  Why wouldn’t he?  And why wouldn’t this young woman have thoughts like this: After all, she knew she was beautiful, with an athletic figure and high cheek bones that could hardly be called anything else.”  My level of acceptance for a straight Mary Sue insert reached it’s maximum capacity at the introduction of who I could only assume was the love interest, a young chap who came off as practically too attractive to even gaze upon and, of course, kind of a jerk

Sadly, Ms. Gow, I could not go further.

Guys, I tried. I really did. And getting past this cover was one of the more difficult things. #DNF

For anyone who did finish, what did I miss?  Did some steampunk elements ever show up?

Day 28, Blogging Challenge: Most Embarrassing Moment

Due to work, I had no energy yesterday, so today I’ll post twice.  And then we can forget the story I’m about to tell.  While a lot of my embarrassing stories involve falling in front of others, I’ve decided to treat you to another regrettable moment.  Look, when I’m up for a big drinking session, it’s either champagne or rum and coke.  And usually this works for me – I know when I should start drinking water or eat something.  Unfortunately, whether the heat, the expired milk I’d had with my tea earlier in the day, or the amount of alcohol consumed, I found myself in a VERY sick state during a music festival last fall.  I won’t go into the messy details, because I’d much rather forget them.

Three good things: my friends are amazing, caring and very understanding individuals.  Secondly, long story short, I had a super strange dream, which led to an even stranger barely connected series of thoughts, which led to the idea for The Queen of England (which I even remembered the next day)!  And finally, I pulled the magic trick of leaving my purse in the taxi – only to have the taxi driver call and return it to me the following day (yes, he received a healthy tip for his honesty).

Archer knows the truth.

Day 26, Blogging Challenge: My Hidden Talent

Kind of a busy day and I’m not sure what mental capacity for this answer, so I’m just going to go with the first thing that comes to mind…  While not exactly ‘hidden,’ I like bringing forcing people together.  I’ve honestly always believed if I am friends with a person and friends with another person, then why shouldn’t we all be friends?

So let this be a heads up – if you ever come to a party at my house – bring a bottle of bubbly and get ready to meet some new people!